Our commitment to you

When it comes to investing, there’s often the temptation to ride the euphoria of speculation. We resist this. We carefully do our homework, weigh up the pros and cons, check, re-check and analyses, scrutinize and remove emotion from each and every investment decision we make.

We believe that there’s a time to be cautious and a time to be bold. Knowing when to be which is what makes us INFINITECH TRADING.

Whether you are an investor or are entrusted with a duty of care to help an investor make the best possible decisions about their money, we are tirelessly committed to helping you achieve the return and risk objectives that are important to you.

Alternative investments can improve diversification and reduce overall volatility

One of the main benefits of alternative investments is to provide diversification at an overall portfolio level. The protection and return potential are other attractive characteristics. Studies show that adding uncorrelated assets to a portfolio reduces total portfolio risk and therefore may improve the risk adjusted return of traditional portfolios.

What are the investment attributes of alternative investments?

Alternatives offer investors a distinct set of attributes that are not commonly found in mainstream investments products. They typically have a lower correlation to traditional investment products and offer real diversification benefits.

Alternative investment managers have more flexibility to maximize returns There are basic similarities between traditional and alternative investments: both invest in a variety of asset classes (for example, shares, securities, bonds and commodities), both have the objective of maximizing investor returns and both aim

to manage risk. Alternative investments, however, use non-traditional investment strategies such as short selling, derivatives and leverage to maximize investor returns (irrespective of whether the security on which the contract is based is moving up or down in price).

How to take advantage of alternative investments

Take a conservative approach by definition, alternative investments use a non-traditional approach to investing. Therefore, it is prudent to take a conservative approach, opting for those strategies with a proven track record and stable investment team and process. With new offerings being offered regularly in this fast-growing space, it is wise to exercise caution. Consider businesses that have a solid brand, proven operational and compliance controls, and of course, a track record of demonstrated success.


We’ll charge you a management fee of 20% plus a 15% Performance fee, a total 35% on Profits from your initial investment, we’ll deduct it once you’re ready to withdraw the funds, after reaching the maturity date on your agreement.

I.E: You invested with us $10,000.00 USD, and your profits on the 90 days period were $7,000.00 You’ll receive after the maturity date the $10,000.00 back (capital) plus any profits deducting our fee of 35% ($2,450.00 goes to pay your fees), and $4,550.00 goes back to you.


We define hedge funds as investment strategies that have access to a broader mandate than just equities, bonds, and cash. Some examples of the types of strategies available to hedge fund managers include shorting, the use of leverage, the use of derivative securities, and the ability to invest in instruments that do not offer daily liquidity. This broader approach provides hedge fund managers the opportunity to generate differentiated sources of return, increased portfolio diversification, and enhanced risk-adjusted returns. 

Differentiated sources of return

Hedge funds include differentiated sources of return, allowing for reduced volatility which has resulted in returns that have been historically more consistent than the S&P 500 over time.

From 1990 to 2015, hedge funds were able to provide more consistent returns than equity markets, as represented by the S&P 500, by capturing 50% of the equity market upside and 25% of its downside. By limiting the downside market participation, hedge funds not only provided notable out performance over equities but did so with much less volatility. This performance result is possible because most hedge funds have access to strategies that can hedge their market exposure — although it is important to note that not all hedge funds hedge. It is also important to note that in strong equity market environments, hedge fund strategies are likely to underperform on a relative basis. For example, in 2013, the S&P 500 was up 32% while hedge funds, as represented by the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index, were up just 9%.Potential to diversify beyond traditional long-only investing.

The markets are our business, with our asset management we’ll create a portfolio that is easy to understand, operate efficiently, transparent, liquid, and most of all -profitable, regardless of the market direction. 

Fund of hedge funds provide a vehicle for investing in multiple hedge fund strategies and managers and provide investors with an additional layer of due diligence, monitoring, and risk management. While there are diversification benefits of this structure.


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